Bocce Advancement Competition Special Olympics 2012

Bocce results

Advancement Competition March 2012


 Carol O’Rourke, Linda Mooney, Mary McGuirk, Yvonne halstead, Janet Hogan,

Cornelius O’Callaghan, Joe Daly & Edward Gannon


 David savage, Anthony Murray, Thomas Morgan & Maureen Rooney


Chris O’Neill & Pauline Rush


Craig Halpin, John Meenan, Suzanne Hyland, Patricia Carey & Alan McCarthy

“I really enjoyed the Bocce competition. The staff made me sandwiches which i ate during my break. It took place out in the basketball arena Tallaght. I was awarded a red ribbon which I wore around my neck. I keep it safe at home inside my bedside locker. I am very proud of my performance. I love being part of the Special Olympics.”– John Meenan

“We had a great time at the Bocce. You get four balls and you have try and roll them as close to a white ball (called a Pallina) as possible.We were awarded our medals the following week in the centre and Emma took pictures of us with them on.

I have played Bocce for a number of years. Myself and Linda Mooney travelled to Shanghai, China in 2007 to represent the Irish team in the world Special Olympics games. We won gold and had an amazing time. I enjoy Bocce as a game but also as a great way to make friends and have fun.”

– Carol O’Rourke

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  1. patricia carey

    we had a great day n had great fun too.

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