‘Finding Ouroboros’ 2012

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in our application to display a work of art at two of Ireland’s greatest music & arts festivals, ‘Knockanstockan’ & ‘Electric Picnic’.

‘Knockanstockan’ festival takes place next to the Blessington lakes in Co Wicklow from Friday 27th – Sunday 29th July 2012 & ‘Electric Picnic’ takes place in Stradbally Co. Laois from the 31st of August to the 2nd of September.

Proposal 1

‘Finding Ouroboros’

By the EVE Estuary Artists Group & Rachel Kiernan

Our installation consist of three major interlinking elements, adorned by smaller works of art. It has been constructed entirely out of recycled materials & found objects.

We, as an artist group here in Eve Estuary Centre, utilise recycled materials a lot in our work. This is both for economic reasons and (in this instance) because it brings forth the idea of new life and new beginnings. Through exploring new possibilities and seeing the potential in items that were once thought of as redundant we can inspire others to do the same. This has been a key focus in this groups work. For us, art opens your mind to see the world in more detail.

When we begun work on ‘Finding Ouroboros’ initially we looked at the idea of the ‘Ouroboros’ (an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail) as starting point. This opened up to ideas around renewal, life, death and circularity.  In our finished piece the symbol of Ouroboros is suspended directly above a female figure with outstretched hands. It’s head and tail connects, creating a circle. It is a dragon which is double sided. On one side the dragon is in its skeleton state and on the other it has it’s full body, to symbolize life, death and new beginnings.

Within the circular dragon, a disc hangs with a depiction of an eye on one side and a highly decorative skull on the other. The eye symbolises life, insight, inspection and introspection, while the decorative skull returns to the theme of death but within the traditional Mexican rituals, which celebrate death as part of life.

The female figure has her arms out stretched. She is looking upward, looking forwards in life and to a brighter future. She is smiling towards the future and represents for us the ability to find something negative and transform it into a positive. She offers up praise while at the same time supporting the elements above.


She is adorned by and holds in her hands a bunch of plastic flowers. Their colourful nature help to create a magical feeling that softens her harsh metal body and hints at the idea that nature itself is strong enough to overcome a man-made structure.

Wind spinners, created out of drink cans, hang in-between two of the sides of this frame, closing off two of the sides and creating a focal point to the front of the piece.

At night white solar powered fairy lights, incorporated into the creeping foliage, will illuminate the installation and give the feeling of a starry nights sky.

This piece can be seen as a mini universe, a symbol of life overcoming decay and creating beauty.



We have been working very hard over the last few weeks to get our piece ready for ‘Knockanstockan’ and ‘Electric Picnic’.

It is all coming together nicely and we have been having great fun in the process.

We feel it is important to integrate into our community and to allow for the growth of new friendships and possibilities. We appreciate this wonderful opportunity. It will help us in achieving some of our goals, which will in turn have a positive effect on everyone involved.

We hope to raise awareness of how recycled materials can be modified into works of art, to express something other than their original raison d’etre.

We also wish to highlight the importance of appreciating the hidden potential in the ordinary everyday object and person.


Estuary recycling centre, Swords Co. Dublin and Silliot Hill recycling centre, Kilcullen Co. Kildare have helped us in the collection of most of the plastic bottles we have used. I would also like to thank all the participants who collected bottles and cans for this project.

Rachel took a trip over to visit the site for ‘Knockanstock’ festival and met with Daisy and some of the other artists involved in this years festival to have a site walk and to discussion our proposed artwork further.siteWhere

She took some pictures of the site, which has a pretty amazing view over the Blessington lakes.

It is getting very close now so it will be all systems go over the next week or so.


We featured in this weeks Sunday Independent, in the News in brief section, which we are delighted about.

See the picture and link provided to read the full article.


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