‘Finding Ouroboros’ at Knockanstockan Festival 2012

Set up day at Knockanstockan Festival 2012.

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A sneak peak around the festival before it opens.DSC_0175 2

Our finished installation.

“I though it was a lovely day. We set our piece up beside a very colourful teepee. Seeing this place has given me loads of new ideas for future projects. My job was to help put the wind spinners in the ground and to help hang them from the sides. It all came together wonderfully. We met some new friends down there while setting up. Everyone was very nice. The other artworks and installations that we seen getting set up were very good. The entrance and the wooden carving were my favourite . The entrance was done with wood and twisted into a nice pattern and the carving that i seen looked like a seahorse and two faces back to back. We are looking forward now to the next festival Electric Picnic which will be even bigger and better.” Suzanne Hyland

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“I went down for the set-up and take-down of our piece for the festival. The weather was great on both days. We seen a nice dogs and played fetch with one of them. We had a blast. I sat on a quad and got my picture taken. Everyone we met was really nice. My job was to straighten the wind spinners to make sure they work well. When we were taking our masterpiece down from the festival there were a lot of people still around. I got to communicate with a lot of different kinds of people. The atmosphere around us was beautiful and stunning. I would definately do it again. When we were going home however, Rachel got stuck in the mud and we had to unhitch the trailer and get some help. Eventually we sorted ourselves out and had a lovely lunch in Blessington on the way home. Our piece wasn’t damaged at all at the festival and is all set and ready to go for the Electric Picnic next week.” Craig Halpin

“It was good. The picnic was nice and the weather was amazing. I had to give a hand to bringing some of the tools and picnic to up to the site. There was a lovely big dog wandering about the festival. I had a great day.” Vicky Judge


Our artwork ‘Finding Ouroboros’ went down a storm at this years Knockanstockan Festival 2012.

Everyone was amazed at the ways in which we utilized the materials and the effects that were created in the process.

We were a bit afraid that it may get damaged during the festival but the area in which we were located was ideal, nice and chilled out. People showed a lot of respect for the piece and commented on how much time and effort must have gone into it.

The set-up and take down days went without a hitch and we were blessed with the weather.


The solar lights worked out very well and transformed the piece at night.


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