Electric Picnic Set-Up & Media Mention


The main event is almost upon us. Over the last week we have been working hard at setting our piece up at Electric Picnic. It is situated in the holistic section of the Body & Soul area of the festival. The weather has been changeable all week, however the forecast for the weekend is looking good.


“Emma and I delivered the work onsite on tuesday and then myself, Paddy, Anthony and Matthew went down today to see the festival and to start adding some of the finished touches to our piece. Everyone worked really well, despite the odd rain shower. Already, even before the festival has opened, we have received a lot of compliments for our work. I am looking forward to the festival and will be sure to report back with lots of photographs and comments from the people that I meet.” -Rachel kiernan

“I had a grand day. I got to see everything down at Electric Picnic. I enjoyed myself. I seen the big tents, a woman made out of willow and a house made out of the same cans that we used for our piece. I really liked the dolphin, I got my photograph taken with it. It was hard work walking across the fields in the rain. I’m glad I had my wellys on, not like matthew who only had boots. Its looks like it will be a great festival.”- Anthony Murray

DSC_0177“It was all good. It was enjoyable to see all the art and crafts. The willow woman was class and the willow fence beside our piece was lovely too. There was a car down there with glasses and a moustache on it, that was pretty cool.”- Paddy Tunstead

DSC_0200DSC_0108“The trip was very long down to the countyside. The security gave us some lovely pink wristbands. When we got out of the car we put on our wellys and boots and hi-vis vests. We walked down to where our sculpture was and put up the wind spinners. It looked fantastic. It wasn’t raining before we got down there so we didn’t have our rain jackets, but there were lots of places to find shelter. The weather is meant to be nice at the weekend so I hope that everyone going will have a great time. Me and paddy had great craic with Anthony and Rachel. The basking shark was very fasinating. We saw a few people trying to push a truck out of the mud, it was funny the amount of people that it took, I counted nine. My feet and head were wet when we got back to the car and we were tired when we got back to the centre but it was worth it, I had a great day.” – Matthew Colgan


Our artwork featured in three different newspapers today, The Irish Independent, The Irish Sun and The Irish Daily Star.



We also featured in a short clip showing the set-up for the festival on TV3 news at 5:30 on Tuesday last, the 28th August.

Screen shot 2012-08-30 at 00.31.20

For more information about Electric Picnic please follow link provide – www.electricpicnic.ie



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  1. Craig

    I would like to thank all of the people who orgnaised and attended the Electric Picnic Festival, especially for my good friend Paddy who is photographed working hard setting up our piece and Rachel our art teacher.

  2. Smart way of viewing things – I’m a bit more of a black and white guy, myself

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