Lundbeck Art Exhibition Artworks & Launch 2012

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Our 2012 entries, for the annual Lundbeck Ireland Art Exhibition, were well received at the official opening on Wednesday. The minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gealtacht, Jimmy Deenihan, launched the event and chatted with the artists involved.

 Everyone worked really hard and the results were amazing. All of the entries received a certificate of achievement and our piece entitled ‘Sitting On The Grass’ was awarded third prize overall.

‘We got to have a chat with the minister. He was very nice. We handed him a note with our blog information on it and told him to check it out sometime and maybe even leave a comment. He really liked our artwork and joked with us about the teacup, saying that we could call it green tea (like the drink).’- Suzanne Hyland

‘I had a great day. Meeting the minister was amazing. The opening was great too, waiters were handing out fancy food and drinks. I really liked the cucumber and salmon canapes, they were very posh.’- Craig Halpin

‘We were there early and got to have a good look around at all of the other artworks on display. We each picked out our favourite piece from the show. Mine was the piece entitled ‘Flock’ by another EVE centre called Harvest. It was a wonderful piece. It won first prize, which was well deserved. My own artwork was displayed behind the minister while he was giving his speech, I was very happy about this.’ – Matthew Colgan

Here is some more information and photos of our finished artworks 2012 

‘Sitting On The Grass’

by Patrick Tunstead, Anthony Murray, Suzanne Hyland & Craig Halpin

“Our piece is very good. I worked with Craig, Anthony and Suzanne on it. Suzanne added all of the girly touches like the table cloth and the tea set. They are grassy chairs. You are not allowed to sit on them cause you would kill the grass. I enjoyed making them for the exhibition and am looking forward to the day out on Wednesday. I hear that the minister for arts may be there. I would like to get my photograph taken with him.”-  Patrick Tunstead

‘A House Out in the Country, Beside a Stream’

by Marian O’Sullivan

My painting is about being in the countryside and going for a nice stroll and maybe passing by a small cottage and getting a glimpse at it. I imagine it would have lovely poppies growing in the garden in yellows, pinks and reds. If I lived there I would have to look after the garden and the cattle in the fields. If I owned a cottage like this I would keep cows, lambs, chickens, ducks and piggies. I love to paint and am already thinking of my next project.

‘S.M.S.T.F. Flag’

by Paul Lawlor

It is a flag for my airsoft clan that I am working on setting up. Airsoft is like paintball. S.M.S.T.F. Stands for -Shadow Marines Special Tasks Force. The insignia is based on the tattoo markings of a character from a video game called Tekken. I added the wings to symbolise valour and the sword to represent the honour of the warrior. I choose black and white for my colours to represent Ying and Yang because it shows the struggle between good and evil.

‘The Imagination’

by Matthew Colgan

It shows how create my imagination can be. The stars and the gallaxy shows a space for a lot of imaginings.


by Cornelius O’Callaghan 

I love working with watercolour. I kept this picture simple and calm.

© 2012 HSE/EVE

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HSE EVE Estuary Centre is part of Eastern Vocational Enterprise (EVE) and is a training centre for individuals with intellectual disabilities based in Lissenhall, Swords, HSE Dublin North East. We provide a quality service to sixty four individuals.


  1. Patricia Carey

    Love craig’s picture where he is holding a drink in his hand n well done guys!! 🙂

  2. Patricia Carey

    Well done guys done sitting on the grass and it’s lovely!! 🙂

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