How to Create a Spooky Doorway

This week we have been making Halloween decorations to hang up around the centre.

We came up with this idea when we found a box of tape that we had taken out of unwanted videos before throwing them away.

The video tape is very effective for this purposes because it is light, easy to cut and has a nice shimmery effect.

Materials Needed:

  • A piece of string

  • Some video tape

  • A scissors



  • Take the piece of string and measure it to the width of your doorway.

  • Anchor the piece of string to make it easier to work with. (We turned a table upside-down and used the legs)

  • Start tying the video tape onto this piece of string. A simple knot will do.

  • Unravel the tape to the desired length and cut. You don’t have to be too exact with this as the untidiness adds to the spooky effect.

  • Keep tying on your video tape until you feel you have enough to cover your door.

  • Tie a loop either end of the string, bring it to your doorway and pin it to your doorframe.

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