Exchange Gallery & Temple Bar Gallery Visit

We took a trip into town on Wednesday morning to view an art exhibition in the ‘Exchange Gallery’, Temple Bar. The name of the show was ‘Inside The Box’ and it was created by the participants of another EVE centre called Tuiscint. This project explored the idea of the self-portrait through sculpture/installation. The room was filled with identical white boxes with a lids that you could open. Inside each box were items that expressed the artists individual ‘passions, hopes and dreams’. We really enjoyed opening all of the boxes and exploring inside. The exhibition is open until the end of January. It is definitely worth a visit.


“We went to see two art exhibitions that were on in the city centre. The show with the boxes in it was made by Tuiscint. It was good, we had a great laugh. My favouite piece here was the box with all of the computer parts in it.”- Mary McGuirk

“I enjoyed looking in all the boxes. My favouite one was the one with the ipad in it and all the flames.” – Louise Donnelly

“I liked the way that they had their work. All the boxes were great. I enjoyed opening them all up and looking inside. I liked the one with all of the zombie stuff in it. It would be handly if we ever got attacked.” – Anthony Murray

While in town we also dropped into the ‘Temple Bar Gallery’. The show that was on display was entitled ‘To Start With, Let’s Remove The Colour’. Six artists worked serperately on their own works of art and came together to present them. They all worked with found objects to create their finished pieces. One of the shows ideas was about how works of art in a gallery space compete with each other for the viewers eye. We decided to choose which artwork drew in our own eyes the best.


Thomas choose the piece entitled ‘Cartoon for Grown Ups’ by Sonia Shiel, Mary choose Mark Bilj’s work entitled ‘Threat’, Louise and Janet and myself picked ‘Knack Kraft’ by Mark Pearson and Anthony choose Ryan McClelland’s work entitled ‘A New Morning’.

“We walked around temple bar and went into another art gallery called ‘Temple Bar Gallery’. We had a look around at all the pictures and sculptures. I asked the man on the desk if it was ok for Rachel to take pictures, he said yes. I asked because sometimes your not allowed to take pictures in a gallery.” -Mary McGuirk

“We went to ‘Temple Bar Gallery’, there was a show on. It was interesting. I liked the piece with all of the cups hanging from it and the stereo in it.”- Louise Donnelly

“In the ‘Temple Bar Gallery’ I liked the piece on the wall called ‘A New Morning’. I liked the way there was black on the bottom and white on the top and that a man was holding a guitar.”- Anthony Murray


After looking around all of the galleries we decided to get a cup of tea. I brought everyone to a lovely little cafe called ‘Foam’ which is just off Jervis Street in the Italian Quater.

“We had a lovely cup of tea in a placed called ‘Foam’. There was loads of stuff on the walls. It was an amazing place. The cushions had lovely things on them. We also stopped into a shop that sold bean bags and I sat on a lovely fluffy one. I had a great time. I like going to see art.”- Mary McGuirk

“The coffee shop was good. I’d never been in that one before. The pillow behind me had animals on it.” – Anthony Murray

“The place where we got tea was nice. It was a real arty place. The teapot was gold with a teddy on top. It was’nt your usual coffee shop.” – Louise Donnelly



While in the Italian Quarter we also see the mural by John Byrne entitled ‘Dublin’s Last Supper’

“We took a few pictures while walking around Dublin. I really like the one we took infront of the artwork that looks like Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’.” – Anthony Murray

“My favourite box had Riverdance things in it. You got to wear earphones and listen to the music while looking in the box. I had a good time. I enjoyed the other art gallery too. I liked the piece that looked like wood and had a lady painted on it. I enjoyed walking around temple bar. We got a coffee in a place with loads of decorations.” – Thomas Ryan

“We had a lovely day and everything was very nice. I would like to thank all of the artists for what they done in their art. There was some lovely works. We went to two galleries one was called ‘Temple Bar Gallery’ and the other was called ‘Exchange’. Both were lovely places.” – Janet Hogan

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