‘Beauty is Embarrassing’

‘Beauty is Embarrassing’

A Wayne White Documentary


As part of the Visual and Performing Arts Module we watched the Wayne White documentary entitled ‘Beauty is Embarrassing’.

Wayne White is an American artist, art director, illustrator, puppeteer, and much, much more.

For most, this was the first time that we had seen or heard about this American artist. This lead us to realize that we need to start looking into our art world more. We should look  at research and gaining knowledge as a way to improve our own skills and motivation.

“Some of the words that were painted on the paintings came through the landscape like a train. You would not be used to seeing things like that.” – Yvonne Halstead


“I enjoyed the film and I really liked that artist, however I did not like some of the stronger vulgar words that he used in his art.”- Stephen Deegan

“I really liked watching this film. He is an amazing artist.” – Craig Halpin

“I was inspired by this documentary and I am going to go back to some of my ideas for animations and try them out. I was inspired by his attitude to life as well as art. I’d love to have a chat with him.” -Yvonne Halstead


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