A Trip to Dublin Zoo

We had a great day at the Zoo. It had been a long while since a good few of us had been there and we were amazed by all of the changes that have taken place. There are a number of new areas and the animals have much more room. It was very pleasant to walk around and discover all of the different habitats We even got to see some of the zoo keepers that have featured on the RTE tv series ‘The Zoo’. Everyone agreed that they would all love to go again.

“I met up with Suzanne in town and we made our own way to the Zoo. It was easy to find. We had a great day.”- Pauline Rush

“The Zoo was great. We got to see some baby monkeys.” – Ciaran Bailey

“We had a brilliant time at the Zoo. I leant a lot about the aminals from reading the information about them on the plaques outside of their areas. I took some lovely pictures while I was there and I will use them for a photography project in my Arts module.” -Suzanne Hyland

“It was fantastic! I got to see the sea lions getting feed. I seen the snakes, the lions, the cows and the elephants. My favourite animal was definitely the penguins, they are lovely to look at and look very friendly. I seem the gorillas and their babies. I would recommend a day out to the Zoo.”- David Savage

“It was very good. I enjoyed it. We had a nice walk around and seen all of the different animals. I really liked the lions. They looked really powerful.”- Pascal Fitzpatrick

“It was a very good day. I enjoyed it and would love to go back again.” – Mary Finnegan


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