‘A Trip to the Moon’ Launch Party

We have been very busy in the art room over the last few weeks trying to get the finishing touches completed on our ‘A Trip to the Moon’ art installation for the Body & Soul Music and Arts Festival next week.

It is finally complete so to celebrate we decided to throw our very own ‘Body & Soul Festival’ right here in EVE Estuary. The weather was amazing so we brought everything outside. We ate our dinner of burgers and chips on the lawn, set up a dance floor and DJ booth on the patio and took a trip to the moon.

Everyone had great fun dressing up and posing for their photo on the Moon.

 “I enjoyed posing on the moon. I was able to stand on it because i’m nice and petite. I love the pictures and they turned out great. I worked on painting the stars that will be hung in the background.” – Louise Donnelly

“I have been having great craic working on this project. I really enjoyed painting the hands that will direct people to the moon. I loved having my picture taken on the moon. It was very interesting to learn about this photographic tradition. I can’t wait till next week when we will be assembling the moon on site at Body and Soul. I hope the weather is good.” – Matthew Colgan

“It has been a great experience working on this project, it has inspired me. The photos that we took on the moon have turned out great. Some of them are very funny because of the costumes and poses that people done. We had our own festival in the centre last week, it was great fun. We had music outside, people were dancing and blowing bubbles at each other and the weather was roasting. I hope we great the same weather for the set up next week.”- David Savage

“It is out of this world. The photos which we took while sitting on the moon have turned out amazing. We used the ipad and apps called ‘Pixlr’o’matic’ and ‘Pixlr Express +’ to add filters onto some on the photos. These filters make them look wonderful. I hope that everyone who goes to the festival enjoys our artwork and takes their own pictures on the moon. It would make me over the moon to know that people liked it. The party last week was excellent and was a great send off for the moon.” – Suzanne Hyland

“Our festival last week was very good, I danced my socks off! Everyone loved watching me dance. We all got dressed up and got our photos taken on the moon. I was a cowboy who was shooting up at the moon. I was making different movements and poses on the moon and Rachel took my photo. They turned out great.” – Edward Gannon

“It has been a wonderful experience working on this project. I was over the moon with my picture. I think I look like a space cowboy who is shooting for the moon. I hope that everyone at the festival enjoys it as much as we have.”

The moon has now been disassemble and is now ready for transport to the festival next week.

Here is a sneak peek of the site that we have been allotted in the forest area.

Check out this video. It will give you a wonder insight into the type of festival that ‘Body and Soul’ is. We are so excited to be a part of it.

Body&Soul Festival from Body&Soul Festival on Vimeo.

Links to the Apps we used to create our photos.

o-matic  pixlr1_610x343_2406236b

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  1. Patricia Carey

    I’m glad I got up sitting on the moon!! 🙂 Everyone sitting on the moon looks like they are having a great time sitting on the moon!!! 🙂

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  3. patricia carey

    i had a great time at the launch party!! 🙂 and had a great laugh with matthew biowing the bubbles 🙂

  4. suzanne hyland


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