Victoria’s Way Indian Sculpture Park Outing

We took a trip out to the ‘Victoria’s Way Indian Sculpture Park’. The park is situated just outside Roundwood, Co. Wicklow. This park is the creation of Victor Langheld.

Victor received money from his father and was told to “do something with his life”, so Victor decided to go to India, where he spent 30 years. During this time he became inspired and decided to bring a sculpture park back to Ireland. He opened it to the public and called it Victoria’s Way. He sees this park as a contemplative space wherein to reflect.

The park is made up of sculptures that were designed by Victor, crafted by Indian workers and transported back to Ireland.

There are seven main sculptures in Victoria’s Way. They portray the different stages in a persons life: Birth, Separation (letting go), Crash (returning to the start), Focusing (finding the problem), Enlightenment (problem solving), Creation (solution application) and Death.

Victoria’s Way Sculpture Park, Roundwood, Co Wicklow, is open every day (12.30 to 6pm) from May to September.  

“I had a great time. I liked reading the signs with all the stories about the different sculptures on them. I liked the one with the lady wearing the necklace.” – Cornelius O’Callaghan 

“It was a good trip. We seen some great statues. The one that was cutting his own head open was amazing! I enjoyed seeing all of the other works also. It was rainy but we had our pink umbrellas.”- Louise Donnelly

“I thought it was very interesting. My favourite was of the man splitting himself in two. The gift shop at the end was very nice. I bought myself a lovely brass Indian sculpture. I put it on my mantlepiece at home.” – John Yilmaz


“It was absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed myself so much. It took one hour to get around and see all of the sculptures. The shop was very funny at the end. You had to pay for things yourself and leave the money in a basket or in a hole on the table. It was nice to see that people still trust each other enough to do this.” – Suzanne Hyland


“The walking trails through the forest were very nice. The scenery was beautiful. There was a lake and some ponds in the middle of the trail. The sculptures were very well done. The cobra was my favourite.” – Declan O’Neill

“I had a great time. It was very unusual to see big Indian Sculptures sitting in a field in Ireland. They were really well made. I’d love to go again.” Kieran Morris 

“I had great craic! I took some really nice pictures of the sculptures with my phone. They were fantastic! The one of the man emerging from the green pond was the best. It reminded me of the film ‘King Arthur’ where Excalibur comes out of the water. I thought it was beautiful the way in which the water rippled around the sculpture. The weather was not great, it was raining on and off, but we had a great time walking around. I would love to go back there on a sunny day.” – Matthew Colgan



Victoria’s Way Indian Sculpture Park


Here are some of the photos that Suzanne Hyland took during this outing.

Here are some of the photos that Matthew Colgan took during this outing.


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