Granby Park Set-Up & Information

This evening Granby Park will be officially opened to the public. 


On Tuesday Rachel installed the ‘Fizzy Flowers’. They are now attached to two beautiful weeping Beech trees. The trees will be moved into position by the Granby Park artistic director. We are looking forward to seeing where they have ended up being placed. We are also looking forward to seeing our second artwork titled ‘Sitting On The Grass’. 


IMG_4811 IMG_4820

Check out to find out more about the different events that will be on in Granby Park over the next month.


Park opens August 22nd to September 22nd 2013

Monday to Friday
8am – 7pm

Saturday & Sunday
10am – 7pm


© 2013 HSE/EVE

About HSE EVE Estuary

HSE EVE Estuary Centre is part of Eastern Vocational Enterprise (EVE) and is a training centre for individuals with intellectual disabilities based in Lissenhall, Swords, HSE Dublin North East. We provide a quality service to sixty four individuals.


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  2. Patricia Carey

    The Tree Iooks Fabulous n Gorgeous!! 🙂

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