Granby Park Visit

Granby Park is now officially open to the public!

On friday a group of us met up under Clery’s clock on O’Connell St. and walked over to Granby Park to see the artworks that we have on display there.

The weather wasn’t great but there is a big shelter in Granby Park which we sat under during the showers.

Everything looked really well. We had a great time hanging around the park. There is loads to see and do. 

Since the dark evenings are coming in, and the park is open some evening until 10pm, we decided to hang some battery operated outdoor lights on our ‘Fizzy Flowers’ piece. 

We are so happy with how our artworks ‘Fizzy Flowers’ and ‘Sitting On The Grass’ turned out.

We really enjoyed our visit. 

The park has been getting a lot of coverage in the media.

It featured on RTE News last week. 

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