‘The Doorway Gallery’ Culture Night 20th September 2013


Join us at ‘The Doorway Gallery’ for the opening of the ‘Outsider Art Exhibition’.

We will have our artwork titled ‘Finding Ouroboros’ displayed there on the night

and for the following two weeks thereafter. 

An edible art exhibition will also be opening at the Doorway Gallery on the same night.

There will be music, food, art and lots more. Please follow the link provided to read about this amazing night.

The Doorway Gallery – Culture Night 2013

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Open – 5pm-11pm

Friday the 20th of September 2013



We dropped off our artwork yesterday and met with Denise. We were very impressed with the gallery and can’t wait for the opening next week. 

“It was good to get to see the gallery where our artwork will be displayed next week. There were some lovely paintings on the wall.” – Pascal Fitzpatrick

“The event on Culture Night sounds great! Denise said that there is going to be music and edible art. She also said that there will be a cake that looks like the sculpture we seen in Granby Park by Ayelet Lalor called ‘In Ode to Ophelia’, that sounds really cool.” – Louise Donnelly


“It was very funny delivering our sculpture to the gallery. We had to push it up the ramp in the car park because it would not fit in the lift. Denise said that our sculpture will be in the front window of the gallery. Next Friday night sounds very interesting. I’d say that the street will be buzzing with people and art.” – Matthew Colgan


We found some great examples of edible art online and are very excited about seeing this show. 



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  1. Nicola

    I had a great time helping drop off our Artwork to the Gallery, It looks really well by the window.
    Paddy Mc Manus

  2. Patricia Carey

    It’s looks so amazing!!!:)

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