Mystery Tour



A small group went on a mystery tour last March. The group had no idea where they were going except for a clue that was given the weekend before the outing. This is the clue that was given –

‘Come with me on a mystery tour,

Were we are going-you are not sure

Into the heart of Dublin old

Dame Street, Georges Street, it will unfold

Where are we going” – I hear you say

I reply to the Saints and Friars – go and pray

No matter the weather – hail rain or snow

Bring raincoats and brollies, and off we will go’

We boarded the 33 to the city centre and hopped onto the number 16 that brought us up Dame street and Aungier Street. We stepped off the bus at White Friar Street and headed across the road into the Carmelite church. It was a surprise for the group and after the initial shock, we all had a great laugh.

We went in to view the relic of St. Valentine and to view other relics, a shrine to St. Alberto of Sicily, St Jude (patron saint of hopeless cases) and a life size oak figure of Our Lady of Dublin.

We had a chat with a friar who had just said mass and he gave us a group blessing and a bit of history relating to the friars and their habits.

We decided to walk back down South Great Georges street to take in Dublin city and had a bite to eat before we got the bus back to the centre.





© 2014 HSE/EVE


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HSE EVE Estuary Centre is part of Eastern Vocational Enterprise (EVE) and is a training centre for individuals with intellectual disabilities based in Lissenhall, Swords, HSE Dublin North East. We provide a quality service to sixty four individuals.

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