EVE Estuary is also…Happy!!!

image001 (10) (1)As part of this months national Green Ribbon Campaign we here in HSE EVE Estuary decided to create our own version of Pharrell William’s ‘Happy’ music video.

This is a much loved song here in the centre by many of our participants and staff.

The song evokes such positive feelings and has inspired people to get up, dance and feel good about themselves.

We couldn’t think of a more appropriate way that we could spread the Green Ribbon Campaign’s message to start talking about and dealing with mental health problems.

EVE Estuary is also…..Happy! from EVE Estuary on Vimeo.

This video was created as part of the ‘Visual and Performing Arts Module’ in HSE EVE Estuary.

Music by Pharrell Williams

Performed by participants of HSE EVE Estuary

Created and Edited by Rachel Kiernan

Special thanks to Pharrell William’s for creating and performing this uplifting song which started such an amazingly positive movement.

 Here are some really nice quotes that we found about dancing and music which may also inspire you.


Here are more examples of how other people recreated this music video.

See Change, the National Stigma Reduction Partnership and our 90 partner organisations are rolling out a month long national Green Ribbon Campaign to get people talking openly about mental health problems in May 2014.

Its aim is to reduce stigma and challenge discrimination associated with mental health problems.


or follow them on Twitter:@SeeChangeSorcha


image001 (10) (1)

Here at HSE EVE Estuary we have decided to become part of this wonderful campaign to encourage everyone to talk openly about mental health and the stigma attached to it.



For more information about the campaign check out the following websites and facebook page –






© 2014 HSE/EVE



About HSE EVE Estuary

HSE EVE Estuary Centre is part of Eastern Vocational Enterprise (EVE) and is a training centre for individuals with intellectual disabilities based in Lissenhall, Swords, HSE Dublin North East. We provide a quality service to sixty four individuals.

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  1. Caroline Kelly

    Well well well what can l say to you all l know you all loved dancing when l was in Estuary great to see you Mary Geraldine Colette Maureen Susann John some names l have forgotten but not your faces. You were all great on the video so proud of you all. Keep dancing and keep happy. Best wishes Caroline Kelly

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