A Little Magic Goes A Long Way

After seeing the fairy tree, out in Marlay Park, we felt inspired to create our very own wishing tree in our own back garden.

We created ours out of an unusual dead tree that we found on the grounds of our centre. We liked the way it was all twisted and looked as if it was blowing in the wind.

We placed a watertight jar at the base of our tree. We call this the heart of the tree because it contains all our wishes. Each time we place a wish in this jar we tie a brightly coloured ribbon onto a branch of the tree.

The tree looks lovely with all of our wishes blowing in the wind.



“Our wishing tree is a great idea. I hope all our wishes come true.” – Suzanne Hyland

“The wishing tree looks good. I tied a ribbon on top of the tree and made a wish. It brings a nice burst of colour to the garden.” – Patricia Carey

The sculpture garden is looking great at the moment. We are loving the purple clematis that has travelled up along the archway and even into a neighbouring corkscrew willow tree.

 We have also begun a magical wand project. This involves finding a nice branch or stick and decorating it with symbols of things that make us feel good about ourselves and our lives.

Having such a visual and physical item like this to hand, may prove to be of benefit to us if we are feeling down and are in need of some cheering up.

 It will help us to remember all the good things about ourselves.  Some of us are creating our wands in collaboration with our Wellness Recovery Action Plans.

While on a walk in Newbridge House a few of us went in searching of the perfect wand. 

“I am so glad to have started this project. The wishing tree is truly magical. It is so beautiful. We have all our wishes in a jar at the bottom of the tree. This is the heart of our tree. It makes me feel so peaceful. When I pass it by I say a prayer and think about my wishes. The wand project is very important to me. I put a little bit of sparkle on mine. It represents, for me, peace, freedom and fantasy.” – Maureen Rooney

“I am looking forward to doing up my magical wand.” – Suzanne Hyland

“I am still working on my wand. I am enjoying trying to figure out what to put on it and why.” – Patricia Carey

“I feel very happy about this project. I am enjoying the visual and performing arts module a lot. I have not finished my magical wand as of yet. It is a work in progress. So far I have put shells on it to represent my love for walks on the beach. I have also tied a medal on it to remind myself how much I enjoy doing sports. We made our own wishing tree in the sculpture garden, after we seem the lovely fairy tree in Marlay Park. I tied a ribbon onto it and made a wish.” – Pauline Rush

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