The Ultimate Sandcastles in Dublin Castle

Yesterday we took a trip into Dublin Castle to have a look around and to see the Sand Sculpture Exhibition.

The sand sculptures were created by a group called ‘Duthain Dealbh’ meaning Fleeting Sculpture in Gaelic. The group is made up of three Irish sculptors – Daniel Doyle, Niall Magee and Alan Magee.


“The sand sculptures were excellent. I had great fun looking at, and taking photographs of them. The garden was also very nice.” – Suzanne Hyland

“We took a trip into see Dublin Castle, it is gorgeous. We seen a lovely church and a beautiful garden. In this garden there was a pond that you could make a wish in. The sand sculptures were brilliant. I couldn’t believe that they were made of sand, professionals must have made them. The big head was my favourite.” – Mary McGuirk


DSC_0165“I enjoyed it. I seen some nice sculptures made of sand.” – Conor Mahon

“I enjoyed seeing the sand sculptures the best. One of the sculptures had a heart in the middle and a woman and a man either side. There were also stones breaking all around them. I think this was about a relationship breaking up. It was really interesting.” – Louise Donnelly


“Dublin Castle is a lovely spot. I love going on these sort of trips.” – Janet Hogan

“It was a very good trip, I would definitely go again. I love history and seeing old buildings. We were altogether and we had such a great time that I didn’t want to come back to work…..ha ha ha ha ha!!!!” – Mary Finnegan



“I love modeling and I always do this lovely pose.” – Mary McGuirk

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