‘Fuss On The Bus’ Drama Workshop

DSC_0036Last friday we had the pleasure of have ‘The Carnation Theatre’ come to our centre and perform for us. Mairead Devlin and Mary O’Driscoll transformed our drama space into a double decker bus for the morning. We, their willing audience members, were the passenger.

“The bus conductor was so funny!! He chased the girls up and down the bus. He was a puppet that one of the women controlled with her hands.” – Vicky Judge

“I thought it was absolutely brilliant. The singing and the music was the best part of it for me.” – Suzanne Hyland

“The name of the show was ‘Fuss On The Bus’. I thought it was hilarious. I had tears rolling down my cheeks with the laughter. The singing was wonderful. I really enjoyed all of the songs that they sang because they were songs that I knew from long ago.” – Maureen Rooney


Carnation Theatre

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