Halloween 2014

Last friday we hosted a very spooky Halloween party.

“The food and goodies were delicious and the decorations were really different this year.” – Pauline Rush

The amount of effort that people put into their costumes this year was very impressive.

“The party was great fun. The decoration and music were great and I thought the people that dressed up were amazing and very funny.” – Maureen Rooney

We were very busy in the art room during the run up to this party. As part of the decor for Halloween we created a ‘Haunted Forest’ and ‘Grim’ the giant nine foot tall scarecrow.


The Haunted Forest

The haunted forest was created out of branches and two recycled wooden electrical spools.

We found some branches that had blown down around the grounds of the centre and we removed all of the leaves. We then painted the branches and wooden spools with normal household paint. When everything was dry we slotted the branches down into the central hole of the wooden spools. Next we cut some bat out of black paper and hung them from the branches. We also placed some creepy decorations underneath each tree to add to the overall effect.


‘Grim’ was created out of a mish-mash of bits and bobs that we found around the art room. The starting point was an old metal frame that we found in the hedgerow on the grounds. We had great fun taking photographs with him. He also acted as a great host for the evening.

We were inspired by an image that we seen on the internet where somebody used branches for arms on a scarecrow. We thought that this was really effective so we used them on ours aswell.


“I brought in a scary mask last week for Halloween. I had great fun going around the centre and scaring all the staff. Myself and Mary got our photograph taken with the big scarecrow. I helped Rachel make this scarecrow in the art room….HE WAS HUGE!!! The pictures turned out great.” – Carol O’Rourke3


Matthew Colgan created a ‘Halloween inspired’ painting titled ‘The Game of Love & Hate’. It is not yet fully complete but it is looking good so far.



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