Street Vs Gallery

During our trip into town this week, we went looking for some street art and found two brilliant locations just off Thomas Street.

The Tivoli Car Park, which is located on Francis Street, house’s the Dublin Graffiti Hall of Fame. The Graffiti is created by graffiti artists at an annual ‘All City Jam’ which has been happening at the Tivoli since 2008. The organiser, Olan, is the owner of Dublin’s own ‘All City Records’ in Temple Bar.



There are some amazing examples of graffiti here. We loved walking around and photographing some of our favourite works.


DSC_0410DSC_0404DSC_0402DSC_0413We also found a lane-way just off Thomas Street that had some more interesting graffiti on it.

We were taken in by the sheer scale and colours of these works. They really do help to brighten up the city.




We then went to look at some art in the more conventional art space…the gallery. We choose to visit the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA).



We viewed three shows that are currently on display there –  ‘Primal Architecture’, ‘IMMA Collection: Conversations’ and ‘TROVE’.


‘Anatomy is not Destiny’ Linder (2013) Neon


Conrad Shawcross ‘The Limit of Everything’ 2010 Aluminium, oak, stainless steel, lights, mechanical system

While we were there we spent some time sketching our favourite pieces from each show. Everyone really enjoyed doing this and we felt that it helped us to connect more with the art.

“I had a fun time! I enjoyed doing my sketches and seeing all of the artworks. We also seen some graffiti on the streets around Thomas street but I prefer seeing art in a gallery because you are comfortable inside and I can practice my drawing while looking at them.” – Chris O’Neill

“I enjoyed the day out in town with the group. I absolutely loved the graffiti that we seen. It was the nicest thing that I have ever seen. All the colours, pattern, shapes, character and tags were brilliant!!!                                                                                                  We also went to visit the Irish Museum of Modern Art. There we were given sketch paper and a pencil and Rachel asked us to pick out our favourite artworks and to sketch them. I drew a sculpture that looked like a mexican doll. It was my first time to go to a gallery and to sketch from the artworks. I think it is a good way to practice my drawing. It also makes you look harder at the artwork and to take it in more.” – Matthew ColganDSC_0470

“I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures and doing the sketches in the gallery. I also liked seeing the graffiti.” – Thomas Ryan

“I really enjoyed it! It was so interesting and a lovely day. I tried my hand at drawing some of the artworks in the gallery. I am going to try and finish one of my sketches off next week.” – David Savage


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