The National Art Gallery of Ireland

 Recently we went into town for a wander around the National Gallery of Ireland. We viewed two exhibitions that were on display there at the time.

The first was The Hennessy Portrait Prize 2014 Exhibition.


This prize was launched in March 2014 and was open to artists in all disciplines. The aim was to showcase and encourage interest in contemporary portraiture, and to raise the profile of the National Portrait Collection at the National Gallery of Ireland.

More than 400 artists living in Ireland and Irish citizens living abroad entered this competition. The exhibition showcased the winning artist Nick Miller’s ‘Last Sitting: Portrait of Barrie Cooke’ along with the other eleven artist’s works that were shortlisted by the judging panel.


Nick Miller – ‘Last Sitting: Portrait of Barrie Cooke’


The second exhibition that we viewed in the National Gallery was titled ‘Lines of Vision: Irish Writers on Art’. This exhibition was created to mark the 150th anniversary of the National Gallery of Ireland and consisted of paintings chosen by 56 Irish writers from the galleries wonderful collection. A book, also titled ‘Lines of Vision: Irish Writers on Art’, was also created as part of this show.


“We went to an art gallery in town and did some sketches. The paintings were nice to look at. I found the whole trip to be very interesting. I liked the style of Comhghall Casey work, his face was very nice and the shoulders were good too. I love animals so my second choice was a painting of a horse by After Théodore Gericault called ‘A Horse’.” – Louise Donnelly

“I thought it was a lovely day. The National Gallery was very good. I looked at the pictures, picked out my favourite and drew it. Doing this was a great idea and I enjoyed every moment, I’d love to go again. I picked a picture called ‘Cait’ by Mandy O’Neill because I thought that the girl was looking well in it. It looked like she was making her Confirmation. The next picture that I drew was created by an artist named William Leech and titled ‘A Convent Garden’. I loved all of the flowers in this one and the nuns. The colours were also very nice, it made me feel happy.” – Pauline Rush



“I’d love to go back. I had never sketched from the paintings in a gallery before and will definitely do it again.” – Cornelius O’Callaghan

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sketching and having lunch together. I felt like royalty for the whole day. I thought it was the best yet and I hope to do it again.” – Maureen Rooney


“I really didn’t expect the gallery experience. I loved drawing and relaxing in this space. The first picture that I chose to draw was by Hugh O’Conor and was called ‘Beckah’. I liked her face and hairstyle and the way that she was sitting sideways. I also thought that she had a lovely figure. I tried my best with my sketches and learnt a lot. While I was drawing in the gallery I felt like a real artist. I learnt that by sit down and relaxing I can do some lovely artwork.” – Maureen Rooney


“My second choice was a painting called ‘The Return of the Goats’ by John Lavery. I loved the scenery in this one and I also liked the deer. I went to school near the Phoenix Park and we passed the deers in the park while on the bus to school. It reminded me of this.” – Maureen Rooney

“It was a lovely day out. I found it nice to learn how to draw and all that.  By going into town you are learning all the different areas that there are and all of the different things that you can do.” – Declan O’Neill DSC_0340

 “I picked ‘Magdalene’ by Alice Maher to draw. I like the way the shape went and the material that looked like it was woven into it. It also looked like an easy drawing to do which it was.” – Declan O’ Neill

“We also went for something to eat in St. Stephen’s green shopping centre. I had never been there before and will definitely be going over there again at the weekends.” – Pauline Rush

William Leech - ‘A Convent Garden’

William Leech – ‘A Convent Garden’

The National Gallery of Ireland

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