Arrive Alive!! Road Safety Talk

DSC_0662Road safety is an everyday life skill that we sometimes take for granted, whether we are pedestrian, cyclist or driver. With road fatalities figures on the increase we have to keep road safety foremost in our minds throughout the year.


With this in mind we contacted the Road Safety Authority to see if they could help us in our quest to educate ourselves in this area.

We were astounded by the response that we received. The RSA sent us out our very own safety pack which included a high visibility vests for all of our participants, informative posters and leaflets, reflective armbands, keychains, bicycle lights and high visibility bags and backpack covers.

A representative from the Road Safety Authority also came out to our centre and gave a talk on road safety.

“The high visibility vest will make me more obvious to other drivers on the road. I drive a motorbike so this is very important for me.” – Pascal Fitzpatrick

“The bright tops will make me feel safer as I travel to and from work each day.” – Thomas Morgan

“This was a great idea. I had a vest before but  I lost it. I feel safer when I’m wearing one.” Patrick Tunstead

“The talk was good. She spoke about the lights and crossing the road. I have to look both ways before I cross the road because I don’t want a car to knock me down.” – Conor Mahon




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