Fabulous Filter Flowers


When our old coffee machine broke down we were left with a box of filters that we had no use for. Rachel saved them in the artroom and we created ‘Filter Flowers’ from them. We used these flowers to decorate our Easter table for our party last week.

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They are so simple and fun to create!

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How to create your own – Step-by-step instructions:

  • Take six coffee filters.

  • Place one inside the other, until you have a stack of six.

  • Flatten the bundle, fold in half and then into a quarter.

  • Dip the edges of the bundle into some watered down poster paint.

  • Hang up to dry over night.

  • Separate each filter once again, re-stack and refold in the same way as before.

  • Staple the corner of this bundle and carefully open out (making sure that you find the centre).

  • Next start to pinch each layer into the centre to form petals.

    Here is a link to the webpage where we found out how to make them –

    Coffee Filter Flowers 


2015 HSE/EVE

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