Our Cinematic Endeavours – A look into our archives from 2007 & 2009

Back in 2007 and 2009 we created a few mini movies, as part of the arts programme, here in EVE Estuary. These movies have been filed away for a good few years now and it wasn’t until last week that we pulled them out from storage and began the process of updating the files, so that they could be uploaded to our blog for all to enjoy.

The first of our cinematic endeavour was titled ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. This project was inspired by John Meehan’s love of the popular TV show. John has a flare for the performing arts and plays the lead character in this adaptation.

Our next feature was also inspired by one of the participants. Mary McGuirk has a passion for music and dance, and loved to performs Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance routine at any given opportunity. The whole centre really got behind this production, which helped turn Mary’s dream into a reality.

We also recreated adverts. This ‘Bounty’ advert was very popular at the time and Roy and John had great fun dressing up like women and playing their parts.

Finally, this leads us to the feature film from our archives, James Bond! In this production we played around with a number of different styles. It was filmed in black and white to add atmosphere and also to disguise some of our less than perfect sets. The use of the silent movie style was used to help some of our actors who were having trouble remembering and pronouncing their lines.

After watching and reminiscing about the fun that we had creating these mini movies we have decided to try our hand at movie making once again. Currently, as part of the visual & performing arts module we have begun the process of brainstorming ideas, assigning roles and creating scripts…..Watch this space!!!Untitled

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