Street Performance World Championships 2015

After the wonderful experience that we had at last years festival we decided to attend the Dublin Street Performance World Championship, in Merrion Square, once again.

Our day couldn’t have gone any better; the weather was amazing and everyone was in top form. We met at Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, got a coffee and took a casual walk through the park.

The festival itself was just starting when we arrived and we seen two brilliant performances by Bendy Em (a contortion & comedy act from the UK) and Shep Huntly, who got a member of the audience to drop a bowling ball from a step ladder onto his stomach while he was lying on a bed of forks.

While walking through Stephen’s Green, we came across a wonderful new character; we have nicknamed him ‘Birdman’. He is always sitting just as you come in through the main entrance to the park (on one of the benches by the path). He has bag of bird food and he feeds the pigeons. He also gives other people the food to feed the birds and places the pigeons on people’s hand’s, head’s or shoulder’s. It was so lovely to watch, however none of us were brave enough to hold one.

We really enjoyed our day and will definitely be coming back again next year.

Our ‘Independent Travel Group’ has been getting on great and we have clocked up a number of brilliant trip and experiences already. It is such a big achievement for many us.

 City Spectacular Street Performance World Championships

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