The Sea Queen and the Stowaway

Our summer has been quite a mixed bag in relation to the weather.  When we seen that the sun was shinning on Tuesday morning we decided to hit the beach and make the most of it.


We also had another reason to head to the seaside. While Rachel was on holidays in Co. Clare over the weekend she picked up a piece of driftwood and brought it home. To her surprise on Tuesday morning a tiny baby crab greeted her at her back door in Dublin. Feeling very guilty for stealing him away from his home she decided to bring him into work and gather a team of helpers to free the tiny stowaway back into the wild.

Another mission for this trip was to make a sand sculpture. We brought tool and a packed lunch to keep us going. We decided to make a mermaid.


DSC_0116DSC_0112DSC_0119“It was my job to gathered daisies for her hair and to place them carefully on the sand. I loved doing this.” – Carol O’Rourke

“I loved looking for the stones and shells that we used to decorate our sculpture. We seen a giant jellyfish washed up on the beach and I drew a drawing in the sand of Spongebob Squarepants.” – Anthony Murray


We also made a mini-me mermaid out of a barbie that we found on the beach.


Some people admiring our ‘Sea Queen’ sculpture.

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HSE EVE Estuary Centre is part of Eastern Vocational Enterprise (EVE) and is a training centre for individuals with intellectual disabilities based in Lissenhall, Swords, HSE Dublin North East. We provide a quality service to sixty four individuals.

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  1. M.Coady

    Looks amazing!!!! Love the flowers in her hair!

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