A Cruise on the Liffey & a Tour of the Jennie Johnson

Last week, a group of us went into town to explore our city and to take in some of it’s sites.

We started with a cruise on the River Liffey with ‘Dublin Discovered Boat Tours’.

We discovered that the River Liffey has been used for trade for centuries, from Viking beginnings to more recent times. The tour goes down as far as the docklands and takes in the history of the beautiful buildings along the banks.


The Custom House

We also learnt about the bridges that go over the River Liffey, like the Ha’penny Bridge.


Back in the 1800’s a businessman called William Walsh used to run seven barges across the river Liffey. These barges were in such an awful state that he was told to either fix them or build a bridge. He completed this bridge in 1816 and decided to charge everyone a toll, of a half penny, to cross it. This is where the bridge got it’s name, The Ha’penny Bridge.

The next part of our day involved a tour of  The Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship.

This ship brought over 2500 Irish emigrants to America and Canada between 1840 and 1850.

We had a great day and would highly recommend both tourist attractions.

If you are looking for more info about these tours you can go to –






“I really enjoyed this trip.” – Linda Mooney

“The man who ran the boat tour was very nice. I learnt loads of history.” – Pascal Fitzpatrick

“I got to see a different side of Dublin by boat. The tour was very informative.” – Daniel Reid

“I liked looking at all the scenery and would have liked to have had champagne and strawberries.” –Marian O’Sullivan

“I enjoyed the trip. I liked hearing about the history of the old buildings.” – Paddy Tunstead

“I liked going on the boat and would definitely go again.” – Janet Hogan

“I had a great time and found it to be very informative.” – Matthew Colgan

“It was very interesting and I would love to go again.” – Josie Smith


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