BEYOND: Irish Outsider Art Exhibition Group Visit


To show our support for Matthew’s wonderful achievement a group of us decided to take a trip into town to view the ‘BEYOND: Irish Outsider Art’ exhibition in the Copper House gallery.

Upon arrival we were meet by the gallery’s director Maureen Kearney Wolnik. She welcomed us in and showed us around. We also meet Leszek Wolnik and their beautiful dog Yoshi.

We were all very impressed and inspired by the amazing artworks on show.

DSC_0272We are so proud and happy that Matthew has been able to showcase his work in such a wonderful gallery and exhibition.


“I loved bringing Patricia into see my work.” – Matthew Colgan


“I had a great chat with the owner of the gallery. I have enjoyed the experience of being part of this exhibition so much! I hope to be a part of another exhibition like this again in the future. I am already starting to think up new ideas.” – Matthew Colgan



After seeing the show we also decided to get some lunch in on Camden St. and to explore this side of the city. We found some very weird and wonderful things.

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  1. Patricia Carey

    Congratulations to Matthew :):)

  2. nicola o neill

    Congratulations Matthew, its a lovely piece of Art.
    Maureen Rooney

  3. nicola o neill

    Well Done Matthew, its beautiful
    Paula Costello

  4. VM

    This is an amazing and impressive piece, Matthew. It looks wonderful on display in the gallery.

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