‘Sculpture In Context’

Last Wednesday, we visited the ‘Sculpture in Context’ art exhibition in the National Botanic Gardens.


It was a lovely autumn day and we really enjoyed walking around the gardens and finding the different artworks.


“I enjoyed everything about this exhibition. The violin with the tree coming out of the top was really nice. The plants around the garden were great and I loved getting different smells as you walked by them. Art looks great outdoors.” – Anthony Murray

We had great fun interacting with ‘Live Stream Nature Channel’ by Claire Halpin and Madeleine Hellier. Paddy even predicted the weather forecast for us.


“I took loads of photos on my phone. The ballerina was my favourite. I think she was in Swan Lake. The shop, coffee shop and gallery upstairs were also great. Seeing art amongst nature was good. You had to really look for the sculptures outside and some of them took you by surprise.” – Yvonne Halstead

“It was interesting! I enjoyed following the map, it was like we were on a treasure hunt.” – Matthew Colgan




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