Halloween 2015

Witches and Wizards and mythical beasts, goblins and ghosts, what a wonderful feasts.



We had great fun dressing up in our costumes.

Rachel created a photo-booth that was inspired by vintage Halloween photographs of pin-up girls from the 1940’s and 50’s.


As part of the independent living skills and canteen module, we cooked up some flapjacks with chocolate on top, tea brack and chocolate covered apples.

We got the recipes from the Odlums website.

Click here for full recipe – Tea Brack

– Click here for full recipe – Flapjacks

We also made this less than appetising creation to creep everyone out.

Our banquet was set up beautifully and the feast was delicious.

After dinner, we danced the evening away.

IMG_7335 (1)

Here are some of the halloween creations that we made as part of our arts module.

‘The Brothers Grimm’ are simply created out of two easels, covered in material with a large plastic skull from the pound shop on top.

‘Legs’ was created out of black plastic bags, newspaper, sellotape and paint.

‘The Wicked Witch of the West’ is a set of mannequin legs, stuck into a shelving unit and covered in material painted to look like a wall.

We also created this massive spider called ‘Incy’.


We used recycled metal fluorescent light fixtures, a bike helmet, a yoga ball, wire and material to create her.


We tried to stand her up on her own but her legs would not support her fully, so we ended up suspending her from the ceiling inside.

She managed to get catch some prey in the form of an art instructor and a weird looking fly/bug. 


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