‘Meditation & Mandalas’ Adult Colouring-In Project

Recently, we have been working on a ‘Meditation & Mandalas’ Adult Colouring-In Project as part of the Visual & Performing Arts Module.


“For a long time, here in the arts class, I have tried to steer my class away from colouring-in project because I felt that it was a childish activity that didn’t challenge their creativity. However, new research has shown that adult colouring books and colouring pages are extremely therapeutic and can help generate wellness, calmness & mindfulness. Adult colouring-in creates the same benefits which meditation produces in the brain.” – Rachel Kiernan

Many years ago a famous psychologist called Carl Jung was on to something when he started prescribing colouring to his patients. He gave his clients mandalas to colour as part of their therapy.

For our project, we too decided upon the Mandala design to colour in. “Mandala” means a circle, and metaphorically a universe, environment or community. For centuries, in many cultures (e.g. Tibet), the Mandala is used as a tool to facilitate meditation.

We photographed each mandala during the different stages of the colouring-in process so that we were able to animate them afterwards.

The subject matter for these colouring-in activities have been altered to suit the adult brain. They contain more detailed designs that present just the right amount of mental taxation for an adult.

In an age of technology it also frees the individual, giving them some much need screen-free time.

“I loved working on this project. I really enjoyed the meditation music that Rachel played during the class. She also had some lovely flowers; candles and incense on the table, it made me feel very relaxed. I have found that colouring-in easies my worries and stress. Colouring-in the mandala is different to a drawing that I create myself because I can concentrate more on the colours. It is good for my mind and makes my day go by nicely.” – Maureen Rooney


 “This kind of colouring-in is different to kids ones because there is more detail in the adult colouring-in books. They give you more things to think about. It does not feel childish and I am not embarrassed if someone sees me working on one. Adult colouring-in books have become very popular and are available in most bookshops and newsagents. From doing this project with Rachel I have been inspired to buy my own colouring in book and my friends have also started using them. I really love it! it is my new hobby.” – Patricia Carey



‘Meditation & Mandalas’ Adult Colouring-In Project from EVE Estuary on Vimeo.

If you would like to try this project out for yourself, please feel free to download some of the blank mandalas below. We have also attached some soothing meditation music that you can play while working on them.


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HSE EVE Estuary Centre is part of Eastern Vocational Enterprise (EVE) and is a training centre for individuals with intellectual disabilities based in Lissenhall, Swords, HSE Dublin North East. We provide a quality service to sixty four individuals.


  1. This is such a great post full of great information and ideas. The animated drawings are fantastic.

  2. Great pictures and a fun time- I love colouring – just blogged about it and a challenge I have going

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