Our Yarn Bombing Debut

We are delighted to announce that we took part in a ‘Yarn Bombing’ project in association with The Irish Countrywomen’s Association (I.C.A.) Kildare and St Vincent DePaul Newbridge Day Care Centre, as part of June Fest 2016. June Fest is a celebration of music, art, heritage, nature and community in Newbridge, Co. Kildare.final logo 2016 with dates

‘Yarn Bombing’ or graffiti knitting (as we like to call it) is a type of graffiti or street art that uses colourful displays of knitted or crocheted wool or fibre rather than spray paint.

The location for this project is in Linear Park, Newbridge Co. Kildare. It is on display for the next three week and is open to the public, free of charge.




Here are some of our creations and photographs of our work in progress.

'Totem Monster'

‘Totem Monster’

Some of our creations, like the ‘Monster Totem’ and ‘Chubby Chick’, were made out of recycled old jumpers and wooly clothes that were very kindly donated to us by our participants and their families. Off cuts and bits and bobs from ReCreate Ireland came in very handy. We gathered up any unwanted wooly projects (such as random squares and crocheted blankets) and transformed them into something new……mostly monsters!! All of the materials that we used were recycled; we didn’t have to buy anything! It just goes to show what can do done with old clothes.




DSC_0543Our ‘Chubby Chick’ found a perfect perch right above the Newbridge Day Care Centre’s beautiful patchwork blanket.

We even ‘Yarn Bombed’ some dummy ducks and placed them in the river, in the hopes of fool some passers by.

Set-up went really well and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

The artists, from HSE EVE Estuary, that were part of this project took a trip down to see their finished works on site.

We are so happy to have been involved in this amazing project.

We were highly entertained by all of the beautiful knitted projects that so many people pooled together to create.

DSC_0428We would like to give a special thanks to Annie (from the I.C.A. Athgarvan). The hard work and energy that she put into this project was unreal. Thank you for letting us be involved.


While down in Kildare, we enjoyed lunch in a coffee shop called ‘An Tearmann’ and took a scenic walk around the ‘Kilcullen Farm & Nature Trail’.

We also we got the chance to see this magical sculpture called ‘The Magician’ by Noel Scullion. Noel was Rachel’s (Arts instructor here in EVE Estuary) art teacher during her secondary school days. 

We had such a lovely day filled with art, craft, colour and nature.


Check out www.junefest.ie for more information about this wonderful festival. june-fest-400


The Irish Countywoman’s Association


ICA Kildare Yarn Bomb – June 2016 – Facebook Page


© 2016 HSE/EVE

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