Our ‘Saviour’ is heading to ‘Knockanstockan Music & Arts Festival’

We are delighted to announce that we shall have a work of art on the arts trail at ‘Knockanstockan’ 2016. ‘Knockanstockan’ is an independent music and arts festival located right next to the Blessington lakes in Co. Wicklow. The festival is taking place this weekend from Friday the 22nd to Sunday the 24th of July 2016.


Our work of art is called ‘Saviour’ and it is a collaborative work from a group of artists at HSE EVE Estuary and their ‘Visual and Performing Arts’ instructor Rachel Kiernan.



Who, what or where is your saviour? Taking the iconic and lasting form of a winged angel we wish to start this conversation with spectators. This glowing guardian hovers over us all, creating a calm confident spirit, which we can emulate in our own lives.

She is a symbol for peace, reflection, happiness and love. She stands exposed, open and ready. How we choose to treat and see her will be a reflection of our own nature.

Don’t knock her or tell her that she is wrong. Join her in her confidence and help spread a feeling of love and calm.


All of the materials used to create ‘Saviour’ are recycled. We sourced most of them from ReCreate. Therefore, is a symbol for recreation, renewal, rebirth and transformation.

“The starting point for this piece was inspired by my own work titled ‘Hybrid’. This work consists of a set of silver wings measuring fifteen feet in height. I took my original template from these wings, shrunk them down and created a smaller template for ‘Saviour’. Artists from my class then took this template, drew it onto the metallic foam material and cut it out. We used recycled plywood and timber, that I sourced through various means, as backing for the wings and overall support structure. Working as a team I was able to take everybody’s talents into account and integrate them into the overall project.” – Rachel Kiernan

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The artists involved were –

Matthew Colgan, Louise Donnelly, Anthony Murray, Chris O’Neill, Paddy Tunstead, David Savage, Paddy McManus, Patrick Conroy, John Meehan & Pascal Fitzpatrick.

Well done to everyone involved! You all played an important part in helping to create this wonderful work of art.


After completing the work we had reflective group meeting involving the artists and some of their colleagues in the centre.

Quotes from the artists involved:

“She is wrapping her wings around everyone, giving them peace and love. She looks like she is here to save something or someone. She is reaching out for peace: whether this is world peace or peace of mind.” – Matthew Colgan

“It relaxes me to look at. I feel peaceful and calm. It calms my mind.” – Paddy McManus

“ I love working on big projects like this! I am not great at art and I don’t have any ideas for things to make, working on a project like this makes me feel like I have helped created something wonderful. Rachel couldn’t do it without our help and we couldn’t do it without her, we make a great team.” – Paddy Tunstead

“I think she is like a guardian angel. It makes me think about my own guardians and how important they are to me. My uncle and auntie mean the world to me and they give me a great life.” – David Savage.

“I love working with recycled materials. It makes me feel good when you take something unwanted and transform it into something great.” – Louise Donnelly

“Working on this project was so easy going and fun. I wasn’t worried about anything. The metallic foam material was a dream to work with.” – Matthew Colgan

“As a team we worked together; we mixed ideas, talents and strength.” – Chris O’Neill

“She is the sun, she brightens up the place.” -John Meehan


“For me, a saviour can be many things.  It can be anyone or anything that brings light into the world, someone who is not afraid to be exposed, someone with confidence in their own skin and their own ideas and someone who is not afraid to fail. In a very literal sense it can be anyone that saves the environment & resources from being wasted; we were the saviours for this old shop mannequin, we saved this wood from a skip, we saved this metallic foam from the refuse centre.” – Rachel Kiernan


Here are some photographs of this work in progress –





Quotes from other members of HSE EVE Estuary:

“She reminds me of Egyptian art. I used to love history and learning about ancient cultures. I really do love this sculpture; it makes me feel so good. – Maureen

“It is like she is standing on top of a hill, watching and waiting. I really like it!”- Pauline Rush

“I think it is the BEST ARTWORK EVER!!!!” – Suzanne Hyland

Rachel will be delivering ‘Saviour’ and her own artwork ‘Hybrid’ to the festival tomorrow evening for set up. We can’t wait to see what it looks like on site. On Friday, a group of us will be heading down to the festival to check it out and have a picnic to celebrate this achievement. We hope that the good weather continues till then.

We will update you with more photographs as soon as we have them.



© 2016 HSE/EVE

About HSE EVE Estuary

HSE EVE Estuary Centre is part of Eastern Vocational Enterprise (EVE) and is a training centre for individuals with intellectual disabilities based in Lissenhall, Swords, HSE Dublin North East. We provide a quality service to sixty four individuals.

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