Knockanstockan Festival 2016 – ‘Saviour’ on Site

Last Friday, we headed for the hills to see our artwork ‘Saviour’ at Knockanstockan Festival 2016.



After some work, ‘Saviour’ was installed in a wonderful position. An amazing man named Maddog and his friends John and Groom saved the day by raising our fallen angel up into the trees, right above a stage shaped like a wishbone.


All of the stages and art installations looked great. We learnt a great deal from this experience and are glad that we had this opportunity.

DSC_0283 (1)DSC_0259DSC_0268 (1)



Artist Reflection

“Well, I enjoyed myself on the day that we went up there. I liked looking at all the things that they had. When I seen our artwork in the corner I felt that it was in a bit of a tight spot, you could hardly see it and it was halfway down a hill. If I was setting up, the minute that I seen this piece I would have said put her up in the tree not in a ditch. I don’t know what they were thinking. It is much better up in the tree, you are actually able to see it and she looks good. I would still like to make art like this again but we have to be careful next time about where it gets placed.” – Anthony Murray

“It was a great day on Friday and I found it all to be very interesting. However, I didn’t feel very good about where they placed our artwork. It was in a very strange spot and everyone in our group when quiet when they seen it. I think everyone went quiet because we all knew that it didn’t look its best but we didn’t want to hurt each other’s feelings. Rachel went back down again on Friday evening and sorted everything. They moved our piece up into a lovely big tree that night and she looked so much better up there. It was a nice experience creating this piece and I’d love to do it again.” – David Savage

“I really enjoyed my day. The weather was lovely and very nice. I had a lovely hot chocolate and a scone in a coffee shop in Blessington. The sandwiches by the car were also very nice. The art was very good. I saw a bowling thing, then I walked around the fields and seen our artwork. I’d like to thank Emma and Rachel for a great day. My shoes didn’t get dirty which I was very happy about.” – John Meehan

DSC_0292 (1)

“I wasn’t there on Friday but when Rachel showed me the pictures of where our sculpture was before she had it moved I thought that it looked funny. She was too low down and the colours around her were strange. It looked like there were dead trees around her feet and the thing behind her looked like a bin or container. She was much better looking in our centre because the background was good and she was actually flying. She looks stuck in the mud in the first picture. The picture of her in the tree is way nicer. She is flying into the sky and doesn’t look like a fallen angel anymore. I don’t know why they didn’t put her up there in the first place. You would just not even notice her if they had left her in the ditch. It seems like the person that picked that spot took the easy way out and just picked the first place that they seen. After a lot of work Rachel got our artwork moved to where it should have been put in the first place. I think that maybe the person that put her in the ditch might not love art.” – Louise Donnelly

Initial location on the ground.

It is important to learn from negative experiences or failures so that we can become better at what we do. Coming up against issues like this can either make you feel bad about your work or can empower you to take pride in your creation and fight for it to be respected and valued.

You also have to take into account what the other people that you are dealing with might be going through. Not everyone is going to be as excited as you are about your work. When you come up against these kinds of people it is important to stay strong and confident about yourself.


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