A Trip to The Natural History Museum

Dublin has a number of museums that are free to visit and last week we went to visit The Natural History Museum on Merrion Square.

We decided to make a day of it, so we met early. We started with a coffee, had a look around the museum and finished the day off with a spot of lunch.

The museum was very interesting and fun. The first floor had birds, fish, insects and animals found native to Ireland (there were so many birds!!!).

Overhead was the skeleton of a whale that is 20 meters long. This is sight to behold!! The whale is such an amazing creature.


The second floor had animals from all over the world. We saw a huge hippopotamus and elephant. There was a wide range of animals from all parts of the world – Africa, Asia, Australia and even the north pole.


Some of the displays were pretty funny looking.

There was a skull of a pilot whale that we could examine up close and an area where we could read more information about the animals on display.


For lunch, we went to Stephens Green shopping centre. There is a lovely food court there that catered to everyone’s tastes. We had an enjoyable time chatting about the museum while we ate our lovely lunch.

“I had a great time. It is nice to get into town every now and then.”  – Roy Quinn

“It’s great that the museum is free! Maybe next time we can go to another museum. I love trips like this.” – Declan O Neill

“Ireland has a huge amount of birds…..I never knew!” – Louise Donnelly


The Natural History Museum

Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

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