‘Big Bot Bertha’ Group Art Project


Inspired by Recreate Ireland’s robot created out of crates, we decided to create our own.
Decorating her is going to be so much fun and we have already started plans for more robots and monsters.

The crates have been working out great!! They are a really good building material when you like to work on a large scale. We used cable ties to connect them together and doubled them up to provide better stability.


Here is Recreate Ireland’s fabulous recycled robot that we were inspired by.

‘Crate Man’ is a Melbourne based street artist that uses crates in a very entertaining way.

Constructed from vibrantly painted milk crates, the huge figures have been found scaling fences, hanging off cranes, perched on rooftops and even fishing in a creek.

Here are some more very inventive ways in which you can reuse plastic crates.



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