National Gallery of Ireland Trip

Last Friday, we took some time away from the art room to spend our day sketching in the newly refurbished National Gallery of Ireland.

“It was great craic! The gallery is beautiful since it has been done up. It was very interesting to sit and sketch in the gallery. At times it got a little frustrating when people walked in front of the painting that I was trying to draw. I just loved taking part and seeing all of the wonderful art. I bought a book on how to draw the human body in the gift shop. I think that we should do this more often, it was such a great experience.” – Matthew Colgan

“It was great! I love going on trips like this. Drawing the magician was my favourite part. I didn’t draw any of the painting that had nude people in them because they made me laugh too much.” – Anthony Murray

“I enjoyed myself and I had a good time. I loved drawing from the paintings. It was a nice and relaxing experience. We all went to lunch together which made the day even better. I love when we go into town.” – Patricia Carey

We really enjoyed our experience and will definitely be doing this again.

National Gallery of Ireland

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  1. Looks live a great trip and your drawings are wonderful!

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