Hellfire Hike

This week we took a hike up Montpelier Hill to see a famous ruined building at the summit called the Hell Fire Club.

A man named William Conolly originally built the building as a hunting lodge in 1725. Before this lodge was built a cairn, with a prehistoric passage grave, was on the summit. They used the stone from this grave to construct the lodge and shortly after its completion a storm blew the roof off. Locals then believed that this was the work of the devil, as punishment for destroying the cairn.

After Connolly’s death in 1729, the Hunting Lodge remained unoccupied for a number of years until the infamous Hell Fire Club, from which it got its name, acquired it.

Stories of wild behaviour, debauchery, occult practices and demonic manifestations at this site have become part of local folklore over the years.

To find out more about these stories check out this link – Hellfire Club Myths & Legends

After our walk we drove across the road to a café called Timbertrove. This is a great spot for lunch. The food was lovely, the staff were very friendly and its decorated really cool.

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