Eve Estuary Easter Preparations

Well it’s that time of year again, we have been very busy getting organised for Easter. Our Art and Horticulture programmes completed a project together making Easter floral displays. We used Willow, Dogwood, and Beech twigs from Estuary grounds to make the displays. We had great fun putting everything together. When the displays were complete we added in the primroses and Bellis perrenis otherwise known as Bachelors buttons. We also used tulips from our polytunnel for one of our displays. We hope you like them.


DSC_0456Louise finishing her Easter Nest.

DSC_0452Simon finishing his floral display.

DSC_0462Kieron putting his display together.

Here are some pictures of the finished displays. They will last a long time once they are watered regularly. We hope that they will encourage people to use resources around them to create something beautiful and long-lasting.

BeFunky Collage easter 2



We also made Easter Bonnets, our ladies Mary and Carol are modelling some of them in the following photographs. We were very flamboyant and decided to go all out with the  decorations. We are entering an Easter bonnet competition in the coming weeks, so hopefully we will take home some prizes!!!

BeFunky Collage bonnet

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