Tour of the Boiler House

We went on a tour of the Boiler House in Ballymun. This is an amazing place to visit. It is the site of the original Boiler House and was the largest civic heating system at the time of its  construction. It  was built to provide underfloor heating for  3000 homes. It was due to be demolished when Ballymun underwent regeneration. Instead it was re-purposed to provide a unique learning experience for visitors to explore the value of the built, natural, and cultural, environment. 


We went on a tour of the building and looked at how they re-purpose

  • metal
  • plastics
  • old bikes
  • clothing 

which they then sell in their shop.

We had great time and found our visit very interesting.It was lovely to see an old building brought back to life and to see it  used as an integral part of the community of Ballymun.



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